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Molini Spigadoro Boxes have been designed to bring together an assortment of themed products, all made with the highest-quality raw materials, innovative production processes and added nutritional value. The perfect, original gift for foodies who love cooking or want a selection of products to give free rein to their creativity in the kitchen with a focus on genuine, wholesome ingredients.

All the Boxes

  • Family Box

    34,02 -451,36 

    Assortment of high quality products for the whole family

  • Red Passion Box

    16,94 -78,54 

    THE BOX INCLUDES: 2 Mix Riso Rosso – 1 Gusto Red – 1 Gusto Pink

  • Gusto & Colore Box

    26,25 -95,06 

    Natural flavouring with colouring properties Creativity in your dishes. From fruit and vegetables, flavour and imagination.

  • Flour Mix Promo Box

    14,98 -240,80 

    Mix of special flours to innovate in the kitchen, fibre-rich products from the very best Italian growers.

  • Premium Box

    33,74 -215,46 

    THE BOX INCLUDES: Gusto Green – Gusto Pink – Gusto Red – Gusto Yellow – Mix Green Hemp – Venere Black Mix – Red Rice Mix

  • Gluten Free Box

    27,40 34,20 

    THE BOX CONTAINS: Gluten-free Flour – Vegetable charcoal – 2 x Gusto e Colore of your choice

  • All Pizza Box

    29,82 110,66 

    THE BOX INCLUDES: Pizza and focaccia flour mix – Organic pizza and focaccia Flour – Vegetable charcoal – Green hemp mix – Black Venere mix – Red rice mix – 1 x Gusto e Colore of your choice

  • All Cake Box

    30,10 156,80 

    THE BOX INCLUDES: Manitoba Flour Mix – Light Cake Flour Mix – Baking Flour Mix – PDO Emmer Wheat Semolina – Green Hemp Mix – Venere Black Mix – Red Rice Mix – 1 x Gusto e Colore of your choice

  • All Bread Box

    31,22 167,96 

    THE BOX INCLUDES: Old-fashioned bread flour Mix – 7-grain bread flour mix – Organic Bread Flour – PDO Emmer Wheat Semolina – Green Hemp Mix – Venere Black Mix – 1 x Gusto e Colore of your choice

  • Hemp Lovers


    An exclusive box which contains everything you need to create original hemp flour-based recipes

  • Black Passion


    Contains everything you need to prepare delicious baked products with vegetable charcoal

  • 52,56 

    THE BOX INCLUDES: Light Cake Flour Mix – 1 Gusto e Colore Pink 450 g. – Gusto e Colore Yellow 450 g.


A Box for everyone!

Dedicated to anyone who loves creating recipes with high-quality ingredients, Molini Spigadoro Boxes contain products for all tastes and requirements. An assortment of exclusive flours and products which are ideal for producing oven-baked goods, cakes, pizzas, bread, pasta, and creative, gluten-free recipes.
The unique and innovative quality of Molini Spigadoro products make these gift boxes extra-special and one-of-a-kind.