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Type 0 Flour, obtained through
exclusive production processes

Our classic flours, obtained through exclusive production processes, are ideal for making ordinary and home-made bread, products with short leavening times and many other delicious bakery products, such as biscuits. Our Type 0 flour is also suitable for making bread rolls, focaccia, loaves and any other kind of direct or indirect dough with any type of yeast and in retarder provers.

Our type 0 flour is also an invaluable when making sweet doughs with artisanal and industrial processing. It is, in fact, recommended not only for making biscuits and more typical, classic tea-time bakery products, but also for preparing sweet and savoury pastry and shortcrust pastry, ideal for presenting delicious specialities.

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Type 0 flour:
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Type 0 flour is also perfect for preparing crisp and delicious appetisers, such as crackers, breadsticks and an assortment of bread rolls, as well as preparing fresh pasta, both on its own or mixed with other flours, depending on what you want to make. In general, this type of flour is ideal for a large number of bread-making recipes which call for doughs made by hand or with a bread-making machine.