Hemp Flour

Packed with mineral salts, vitamins, Omega3 and Omega6


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Hemp Flour and
Hemp Flour Mix

Hemp Flour is obtained by milling hemp seeds and is rich in nutritional benefits for the organism, especially fibre, mineral salts, vitamins, Omega 3 and Omega 6, i.e. extremely important essential fatty acids for their antioxidant properties which are useful for the prevention of vascular disorders among others. More specifically, the fibres help to regulate intestinal transit and are very useful in combating or preventing constipation while the vitamin content, especially tocopherol, and mineral salts increases the nutritional value of the flour. The protein in hemp not only has eight essential amino acids, but also has a high content of the amino acids, methionine and cysteine, which are either absent or present in limited quantities in most flours. A very high percentage of the proteins in hemp consists of edestin, a globulin protein, that is easily digested. The digestibility of hemp flour is comparable, if not superior, to that of other cereals and pulses, such as soya. It is, therefore, ideal for anyone who cannot digest bread, pasta or other durum or common wheat products.

Of the many proteins contained in hemp flour, however, gliadin and glutenin, which are responsible for forming gluten, are missing. Consequently, this flour can be tolerated by people who suffer from coeliac’s disease or by those who are sensitive to gluten. Furthermore, hemp flour has a lower calorie content compared to more refined wheat flour because the energy is mainly supplied by the proteins rather than starch.

Hemp Flour:
healthy eating

Benefits and much more. Hemp flour, in fact, has a flavour similar to that of hazelnuts and can be used for bread-making and preparing sweet baked products, such as biscuits and delicious muffins. This type of flour, which gives mixes a mild hazelnut flavour and a brownish colour, can be used in addition to other flours to lend a touch of creativity to your recipes. It is particularly suited for fried food, crumb coatings and for making bread, pizza, pastry and many baked products. Moreover, it is excellent for preparing pasta, with or without eggs, and gnocchi.