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For a healthy, correct diet, choose our Type 1 flour

Type 1 flour provides the right balance between the bread-making properties typical of refined flour and the increased nutritional content guaranteed by whole grain, common wheat flour. Unlike white 00 and 0 flour, this type of flour is less refined because it contains a greater quantity of bran and wheat germ which are packed with fibre, mineral salts and vitamins, significantly improving its nutritional value and making it easier to digest. Type 1 flour offers a host of benefits.

The dietary fibre in it has a functional and metabolic effect since it helps to maintain correct intestinal functions, reduces cholesterol and cuts down blood sugar. It is also useful in limiting the consumption of the foods that it contains because it takes longer to chew. This factor is particularly important for anyone on a low calorie diet or wanting to maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, the excellent mineral salt and vitamin content, if supplemented by the same nutrients through a healthy, balanced diet, helps the metabolism and maintains healthy bodily functions.

Type 1 flour:
only dehusked grain

Packed with fibre and mineral salts, our Type 1 flours are obtained only from dehusked grain and fit perfectly into the Molini Spigadoro philosophy focused on a healthy diet and characterised by a high nutritional content. This flour represents flavour and wholesomeness and is easy to work with. It can easily compete with 0 and 00 flours on all levels, including technological aspects. Type 1 flour is the right choice when looking for a flour with a delicate, rustic flavour and a good nutritional balance. Specifically, it is ideal for baked products with short to medium leavening times, for preparing very wet doughs with medium-long leavening times and, given its versatility, is the perfect choice for preparing ready mixes. So, this flour is recommended for producing focaccia, thin crust or tray-baked pizzas, as well as oven-baked products with long leavening times. It can also be used for pastry and cake making, especially for preparing sponges, light cakes, madeleines, muffins and brioches.