Manitoba flour

Ideal for highly risen oven-baked products,
brioche and frozen goods


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For your more complex recipes
choose Manitoba flour

The main characteristic of Manitoba flour is its strength, which, together with a high protein content and significant water absorption, makes it suitable for more complex recipes, especially for preparing leavened cakes. Due to its strength and elasticity, Manitoba flour is excellent for making Italian pandoro, and sweet and savoury panettone, croissants, doughnuts and rum baba. It can also be used to make specialities like focaccia, pizza with long leavening times and certain types of bread, such as delicious baguette or chapati.

Manitoba flour has a high glutenin and gliadin content: two insoluble proteins which, on contact with water produce gluten, and make the dough more elastic and consistent. This means it is better suited to bread-making processes or for making products that require a long leavening time.

Manitoba flour:
for products with long leavening times

This type of flour, which guarantees easy-to-work doughs, at least compared to wholemeal flour, is perfectly suited to routine bread making and so, is used to prepare bread and pizzas. Nevertheless, since it has a medium-fine grain size with a higher bran content, it is less soluble than refined flour, so the gluten action is less effective. Consequently, the dough is not quite as elastic and consistent, but it is still suitable for a host of preparations, especially doughs with both a short and long leavening time. Type 2 flour maintains the right balance between flavour, nutritional content and leavening properties.