The Special Flour Range



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Special flours for innovation in the kitchen
Products rich in fibre from the very best of Italian crops

Green Hemp Flour: the fibre of type 1 flour and hemp (cannabis sativa) flour. The taste and colour (gusto e colore) of spirulina algae and safflower.
Emmer wheat Flour: flour obtained by grinding emmer wheat grain with a traditional mill.
Venere Black Rice Flour Mix: the technological characteristics of type 1 flour and the nutritional and aromatic properties of Venere black rice.
Red Rice Flour Mix: type 1 common wheat flour, red rice whole grain flour and concentrated powdered beetroot juice.

The Special Flour Range

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    4,97 79,52 

    Type 1 Wheat Flour, Hemp Flour, spirulina algae and safflower

    500 g and 4 Packs of 2.5kg (10 Kg)

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    3,30 53,28 

    Type 1 flour, red rice whole grain flour, maltodextrin, wheat germ, concentrated powdered beetroot juice, rye sour dough, malted wheat flour

    500 g and 4 packs of 2.5 Kg (10 Kg)

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    3,84 53,76 

    PDO Emmer wheat semolina (Triticum Dicoccum) from Monteleone di Spoleto. The same grain size and use of the flour.