Nutridue GL (25Kg)

Ideal flour for very wet dough, for thin crust pizza and tray-baked pizza, with medium-long leavening times.

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Type 2 flour from selected, controlled and dehusked common wheat. Packed with fibre and mineral salts, this flour is suited to very wet doughs with medium-long leavening times. For creating products with a strong rustic flavour and an interesting balance of nutritional values.


Ideal flour for thin crust or tray-baked pizza, with medium-long leavening times. Ideal for producing baked products such as croissants, brioches, puff pastry and any other products with medium-long leavening times.


25 kg PINCH TOP bag

Innovative paper bags which mark a step forward from the classic stitched-top sack with significant technical improvements. Pollution-free, spill proof and improved appearance with the elimination of stitched-top band.

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