Christmas recipes

All of us look forward to Christmas all year and when it arrives, we spend hours planning the menu for Christmas dinner and dinner on New Year’s Eve too, since the festive season just carries on! To help you out, we have decided to share a list of Christmas recipes to suit all tastes, from traditionalists to the most demanding among you. Recipes for leavened goods, fresh pasta, focaccia, pizzas and must-have Christmas desserts, from biscuits to cakes, as well as the crowning glory of Italian festive fare… Panettone!

From north to south, every region has its Christmas recipes, but the best and healthiest dishes have one thing in common: the quality of the key ingredients! Molini Spigadoro flours are produced in Italy only from selected, dehusked grain using exclusive production processes to keep the nutritional properties intact and guarantee a healthy, balanced diet.

12 December 2016

Mini panettoni with chocolate drops

Presentation Christmas wouldn’t be the same without panettone! Unlike the traditional recipe, these mini panettone do not require long, complicated leavening: a few hours is enough to enjoy them. Emmer wheat flour gives the dough a rustic flavour while the Manitoba flour makes it elastic and compact. Lastly, the chocolate drops which you can use in […]