“Big Event” 4 June, with the Pasty Chefs at Expo2015

Molini Spigadoro is a partner of Conpait – Confederation of Italian Pastry Chefs – at the “Big Event”, scheduled for Expo Milano 2015.

On Thursday 4 June, the Confederation of Italian Pastry Chefs will open the doors of artisanal pastry making in a wider and more global dimension, like that of Expo, inside the “Casa Don Bosco” pavilion.

A day divided into two moments: the morning conference:

“Dessert, the well-being of life – Italian pastry making in the world: how to defend tradition in globalization” with speeches by Riccardo Balbo, Patrizia Cecchi, Federica Chiavaroli, Domenico D’Alessio, Dario Dongo, Alessandra Meldolesi, Paola Sucato and Eliseo Tonti,

and in the afternoon with the technical part, i.e. the Conpait Master Class:

“The evolution of pastry making in the international field – How to interpret everyday pastry making at an international level” with speeches by Davide Comaschi and Leonardo Di Carlo.

Molini Spigadoro will be the protagonist of the day with a direct intervention.

Big-event Molini Spigadoro
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